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Meet the staff

Gina Sheridan – Project Manager

Gina SheridanBorn in Birmingham, Gina has had a talent for music from a very young age. She is a keen player of many instruments, including piano, guitar and even the harmonica!

After hearing a steelband playing she decided to learn herself, attending an adult education class in steel pan.

Quickly following, she set up a small group of like-minded friends from which the Comets Steel Band, and eventually the Comets Community Project, evolved. Gina considers the project to be an extended part of her very own family, and that love is shown in her tireless commitment to making the project successful. Gina is widely recognised as a very approachable person which has been an asset to providing the warm ‘family’ feel that exists within the project.


Eleni Danias – Chairperson

Eleni DaniasBorn in Greenwich, Eleni started her life performing, initially as a dance student at a very young age, which eventually took her to the world famous BRIT Performing Arts College in Croydon. She currently works at a specialist school in Croydon, which teaches children with special educational needs.

Eleni has been playing the steelpan for 17 years, and in that time has performed at many different types of events, including various local competitions, and two National Panorama Champions of Steel competitions, held at the Notting Hill Carnival. She is highly respected by all members of the project, always spurring the children on to achieve, whilst maintaining a happy, fun environment with her outgoing personality.